After completing two sessions of classes with TCDTA, you may join the club. To join, you must have completed your last session no more than 6 months prior to your application date.

Annual dues are $20.00 for a single membership or $25.00 for a family. (A family includes up to 2 adults living in a household plus their dependent children.) Membership is from January 1st through December 31st, renewable by December 31st of the new year.

Each member must be willing to contribute his/her time to help in various aspects of the club so it can continue to grow and be successful in its goals. Besides the training sessions, TCDTA annually holds 3 general meetings, produces 5 newsletters, performs on Orientation Night and in parades, participates in nursing home visits, holds social gatherings and sponsors outreach activities. Contributing members are allowed to enroll in classes free of charge and participate in the events listed above.  Enrollment forms, pre-requisites and record checks are still required for each class taken.

There will be opportunities to use your skills to serve on one of our committees  if you have a particular skill to share we welcome it! 

We hope you’ll consider joining us!